This 10-day bicycle trip is planned for July or August 2018, and will go from Golden, British-Columbia to Missoula, MT including a venture into Glacier National Park.  The one-way flight from Kennedy airport to Calgary, Canada should cost $150. Then a bus ride from Calgary to Golden, BC for $45.   10 nights in motels will cost $750 - $800.- with food costing up to $20 per day.  Shipping, renting or flying with your bike is up to you. The one-way flight from Missoula back to NYC should cost $200 bringing the total to under $1500 per person.  The temperature should hover around 85F during the day and the daily mileage will average at 50 miles. There will be one border crossing which requires a passport.  each rider books their own travel and accommodations. Members of the 
Facebook group "Social Cycling NYC" have already asked to join.  If you wish to take part, please
 contact me, Ben, at  ""