There is no fee or charge for participating in this ride. Each rider pays their own way.
This 5-day, 169 Mile, bicycle trip is planned for  Summer 2019 , and will ride from  Missoula, MT  to Glacier National Park.  The one-way flight from Kennedy airport to Missoula, MT should cost $220.  Five nights in motels should cost a total of  $400.-  with food costing up to $30 per day.  Shipping, renting or flying with your bike are all reasonable options. The one-way flight from Kalispell, MT (Glacier National Park)  back to NYC should cost $200 bringing the total to under $1300 per person.  The temperature should hover around 85F during the day and the daily mileage will average at 40 miles. The average daily uphill climb will be under +1000 Feet.   Each rider books their own travel and accommodations.  If you wish to take part, please contact me, Ben, at  ""